Sunday, April 6, 2008

I realize that I have not been the best blogger but I am trying to be better. To make up for my delinquent behavior I have posted a funny video of Matt. Over Christmas my little sister , Sarah, and my Dad took us horse back riding. I think that Sarah really enjoyed being able to tell her older brothers a sisters what to do. She was a really good teacher, and every one left unharmed.

In addition to horse ridding we did some pretty intense go kart racing. Some how Matt positioned himself right in front of me and NEVER let me pass him, and trust me I tried desperately to pass him. In the photo is myself (Rachel), Matt and Amie Spjut(my oldest sister). Below is the winner of the race Daniel and Hallie. After see Daniel drive on the go kart track some of us are a little reluctant to get in the car with him.