Monday, December 17, 2007

The Regulators

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The regulators had a great season. In the regular season we had 8 wins and one loss, this made us the number one in our division. We had a very talented team, but more importantly we had a team that really had a lot of fun together. One of our teammates went to the effort of updating the teams stats every week. I become painfully aware that I had not scored the entire season. I did have several assists. My favorite assist involved Matt. I love taking corner kicks and one lucky night Matt was able to head in my corner kick for the only goal of the night. That was a great night. Matt had a smile on his face all night. Don't worry our soccer days are not over, we have already signed up for an indoor league.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

This was our first thanksgiving together and it was full of new adventures. Matt decided that he wanted to play tackle football this year, not knowing any better I encouraged him to do it. He had a great time and thankfully walked away with only sore muscles. We were very lucky some of our new friends took us in for thanksgiving. I think they knew there was now way I was going to be able to pull of a full thanksgiving dinner by myself. We had a fantastic dinner and a lot of fun. They have three children that were more then entertaining. We are glad that we have been able to make such good friends.

We took advantage of the long weekend by taking a trip down to Charleston, SC. We stayed in the historic down town. The whole city is full of great history. We got to see where the civil war started. We also got to walk through the old slave market. I had two requests for the trip . I wanted to go the beach and the aquarium. Matt came through on both. He is really great. While it was not warm enough to get in the water, it was my first trip to the Atlantic and I was just excited to be there. We were both really sad that we were not able to see our families but this trip helped ease our pain.